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What started off as a workforce management mechanism for organisations is now making waves in strategic partnerships. Human Resources has come a long way. But, no matter how pivotal a role HR plays in driving business and profitability for an organisation, it’s always the employees that remain the centre of its universe. If there’s a concern that bothers the HR community, it’s the never-ending challenge of keeping employees engaged and retaining them at the workplace.

Essentially, small changes and initiatives can impact employees in a big way. For instance, rewards and recognition (R&R) works wonders in boosting the morale of the employee. In the same vein, offering tax-saving employee benefits can also prove to be an effective way of engaging and retaining employees.

However, not all companies understand the underlying benefits of offering tax-saving allowances and reimbursements to their employees. To enable the HR community understand employee benefits better, we bring you a forward-looking strategy, backed with the findings from the Zeta Employee Benefits Study, a comprehensive study on employee benefits, that can help shape important decisions.

We are happy to share with you the 3 Rs of Employee Motivation and Retention —Rethink, Revise, Retain — that can aid decision-making for your overall employee engagement plan.