Elastically scalable solution with best-in-class payment success rates.

Higher profits
Increased customer stickiness
Higher payment success rates
Future ready and EMV 3DS certified
Scalable and secure

The Cipher Advantage

The Cipher Advantage


Improve customer engagement and stickiness, and offer native experiences.


Completely secure transaction with a dynamic PIN, which also works offline.

Powerful APIs

Provide easy integration support via cardholder, and issuer APIs.

Advanced SDKs

Offer merchant checkout page SDKs, along with cardholder app and web SDKs.

Superior Integrations

Build on webhooks, interceptors, and plug-ins on all authentication pages.

Risk-based Authentication

Challenge only the riskiest transactions. Customise payment rules based on multiple factors.

Wearable Authentication

Be future ready. Offer convenient payment alternatives for a better banking experience for your consumers.

Issuer-trusted Party Authentication

Customise authentication across trusted merchants. Allow faster checkout across select merchants.

Superior OTP Experience

Offer a hassle-free way to authenticate via Email and SMS, and experience is also optimised for mobile.

Value-added Services

Allow your customers to pay with reward points and offer EMI-based payments.

Unparalleled back-office

support centres

Unparalleled back-office support centres

  • Detailed analytics
  • Real-time access
Rule-based Application
  • Customise and manage rules
  • Set rules based on multiple data points