Cloud-native, 3DS 2.1 ready ACS, for e-commerce authentication

Provide a frictionless e-commerce experience with best-in-class payment success rates through a future-ready, elastically scalable Access Control Server (ACS)

Salient benefits

Higher payment success rates

Efficient and innovative authentication methods like SuperPIN, Swipe2Pay and
multi-factor authentication improve
success rates

Multi-network support

Supports Visa, Mastercard, RuPay and American Express

Lower fraud rates

Device binding, risk-based authentication, behavioral biometrics and an advanced AI/ML based scoring system reduce fraud

Infinite scalability

Manage peak loads with our
cloud-native, loosely-coupled, microservices architecture-based platform

Lower TCO

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through our pay-as-you-go, cloud-native platform. No hardware, software, IT team, datacenter, Security Operations Center, Network Operations Center

Higher cross-sell

Enable instant conversion to instalments on the ACS page and increase credit cross-sell

Higher engagement

Enable users to pay with reward points on the ACS page to
improve engagement

APIs and SDKs

Easy integration into your mobile experience through ready APIs, SDKs, webhooks and interceptors

Branding control

Customisable ACS page designs to match the look and feel of your brand


Cipher Diagram

Authentication methods supported


Customers can use a dynamic PIN that changes every 60 seconds, as the authentication password. No need to wait for SMSes or emails. Works on any device without network connectivity

Cipher Superpin
Swipe to pay


Integrate Swipe2Pay to enable your customers to authenticate a transaction with a single swipe on their mobile device. Reduces 3DS transaction time to under 5 seconds and improves transaction success rates


Customers can use fingerprint or face ID via their phone or laptop webcam as their second factor


Device binding

Minimise explicit second factor challenges at trusted merchants that are configurable by the user through secure device
binding validations

Multi-factor authentication

Issuer and user configurability on one or more combinations of face ID, fingerprint, device ID, device PIN, app PIN to serve as authentication vectors in different scenarios

Risk based Auth

Risk-based authentication

Use heuristics or defined rules based on transaction and demographic parameters to identify and challenge only those transactions that are classified as high-risk

Backoffice features and benefits

Cipher comes pre-equipped with a comprehensive secure backoffice for your product, support and risk management requirements

Authentication Center — Product configuration and management

  • Manage ACS configurations and rules
  • Manage ACS page branding

Power Center — Real-time business analytics

  • Build your own graphs, run queries, slice and dice user data, transactions and events
  • Zeta offers a dedicated BI team available 24/7 to help you build reports and dashboards and gain the insights needed to drive business decisions

Report Center — Periodic preconfigured report generation

  • Preconfigure report templates to be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or at custom intervals
  • Reports can be automatically emailed, uploaded to an SFTP location or viewed through a browser

Offer unparalleled payment experiences with the most advanced ACS