Happy gains with Zeta® Fuel Reimbursements

Fuel reimbursement is the second most popular employee benefits offered by Indian corporates as per our recent Employee Benefits survey commissioned to Nielsen. The massive popularity of fuel allowance reflects its relevance to your employees today. However, running and managing it should be easy for you too. Here’s how Zeta® fuel reimbursements can help you in offering this tax-saving benefit to employees in a better way.

fuel reimbursement


Send fuel allowances to all employees in a click

fuel reimbursement


Define how fuel reimbursements are spent

fuel reimbursement

No managing vendors

Our solution manages vendors on your behalf

fuel reimbursement


Covers fuel reimbursements, vehicle maintenance and driver’s salary

fuel reimbursement

Outsourced verifications

Outsource employee claims for fuel allowances to our experts

fuel reimbursement


Receive audit-ready digital statements every month

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What makes fuel allowance one of the most relevant employee tax benefits

Employees can get really upset about tax deductions on their salaries. That’s why the government has bestowed organisations with the authority to choose the best allowances and perks that can help employees save income tax. As an HR professional, it’s your prerogative to choose the most relevant benefits that your employees find useful and can claim with ease. Let’s understand one of the most popular and preferred employee tax benefits - fuel allowance. What is it? Why is it popular? Here’s just about everything you need to know about fuel benefits.

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Why you should add employee benefits to your talent retention strategy

It’s no secret that employee retention is equally a cause of constant deliberation for business leaders as is their company’s bottom line. While many employers are now working constantly to reorient workspaces through employee wellness programmes, very few of them are working on improving compensation and reimbursements that make the take-home package attractive enough for existing employees to stay. Employers have for long overlooked the benefits of flexible benefits or employee tax benefits while structuring or restructuring CTC.

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Employee engagement trends of 2019 HR must know

Some say it helps retain employees. Others say it ramps up revenue figures. Some others say it helps employees deeply care about their workplace and work. There’s no doubt that an engaged workforce presents many benefits. The pressing question here is how do you engage? A good place to start is by tuning into the latest trends and expectations in the employee engagement landscape, and from there on fine-tune your engagement strategy based on your annual employee satisfaction survey results. Here’s what the employee engagement trends look like in 2019.