Important: Zeta App Update

Dear users,

Some of you may have witnessed disturbances recently while trying to make payments with Zeta.

We have been working hard to resolve this and have identified the main reason behind it. One of our recent Zeta app updates resulted in a technical issue, which has been causing undue and significant stress to the Zeta servers at the backend, destabilising the entire system. This resulted in payment failures for some of our users in the past few days and a poor Zeta experience :(

We are deeply sorry about this and hate to cause this inconvenience to you. But we now have a diagnosis for this issue and we need your help to fix it.

We will be releasing a mandatory app update to all our users. This new update will fix the problems causing this issue. All users are required to update their current apps to the new version.

This update will be available on your respective app stores. Android users will receive an update on 11th October, and iOS will follow soon.

What you need to do?

Tomorrow, October 11, check your app store for the Zeta app update and as soon as you receive it, please update your app. Once done, you can continue to enjoy the Zeta experience uninterrupted. This update is free of cost.

What if you do not update your app?

As a precautionary measure, you will not be able to use the Zeta app until you update it to the new version. Hence, do update the app.

What about cards and Super Tag™?

Your Zeta-powered cards and the Super Tag™ are unaffected by this issue and will continue to work as normal. You can use them to make payments at your cafeteria as well.

Also, please note, the issue does not affect your phone or any other apps. It only affects your Zeta experience.

We understand this is inconvenient and we hate to do this. But we do need your help and support to resolve this.

For any queries, please feel free to reach out to our support teams via email at or call them on 080-6690-5995.

Best regards,
Team Zeta