Employee Reimbursements & Tax Benefits

Seventy one percent of companies spend 8 or more days in a month settling employee reimbursement claims. Are you one of them? Let us help you save time and costs on processing employee reimbursements. Try out our three-step process to send grants to employees. Here’s how:

Zeta Tax Benefits


Sign up with Zeta Tax Benefits

Once you sign-up, your employees can opt-in for any employee reimbursement, such as communication reimbursements, fuel reimbursements, tax-saving on gadgets, LTA and more.

Grant Employee Vouchers


Grant benefits digitally

Grant employee tax benefitsto those who've opted-in by adding funds to your account via the Zeta Corporate Dashboard and scheduling a payout on a selected date.

Employee Clim Management


Avail benefits

Your workforce can easily avail their employee reimbursements in multiple ways – through the Zeta app, the Zeta Super Card®, the Zeta NFC tag or the Zeta on Web.

The Zeta Tax Benefits Bouquet of Offerings

Ninety four per cent of companies use some kind of paper-based process to verify and administer employee reimbursements. Find that odd in a world that is rapidly embracing digitised practices? Put an end to paper-based claims processes, manual bill verifications and physical storage of bills with our solution.

Fuel Reimbursements

Fuel reimbursements is a largely popular benefit in India with 51% companies offering this employee reimbursement to its workforce. Here’s how you can manage this benefit digitally:

Communications Reimbursement

Can you imagine a workplace without mobile phones or the internet? That’s precisely why phone and internet reimbursement is another popular tax-saving reimbursement in India; with 73% companies offering this benefit. Control it digitally and make reimbursements smooth.

Gadget Reimbursements

Gadget reimbursements are offered on computers, laptops, phones and tablets used by employees for official purposes. Currently, only 30% of companies in India extend thisemployee reimbursement to its workforce. Let's simplify the whole process of offering and claiming gadget reimbursements with Zeta Tax Benefits.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers of up to ₹5,000 can be offered annually as a tax-saving benefit to employees. However, it remains an unexplored tax-saving reimbursement option with only 15% companies offering this to employees.

Leave Travel Allowance

Leave Travel Allowance is one of the most popular benefits offered in the Indian corporate space with almost 50% companies extending this employee reimbursement to their employees. Allow Zeta Tax Benefits to make LTA easy for you:

Zeta Super Card®

The Zeta Super Card® is a MasterCard or RuPay-powered physical card that works like any debit card, with several special features up its sleeve. Your workforce can access all their tax-saving employee reimbursements via this secure multi-wallet card which is linked to their multiple cloud accounts.

Zeta Optima Super Card
Zeta Optima Use Anywhere

Use anywhere

Use your Super Card® at any outlet that accepts card payments.

Zeta Employee Voucher

Works like a debit card

Using Super Card® is easy. It works just like any debit card.

Tax Benefits

Online payments

Ordering food from a website or app? Your Super Card® works online too.

compliant with Income Tax norms

100% compliant

The Super Card® is fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms.

Secure Gift Cards


The Super Card® is built with multiple layers of security and encryption to keep your money secure.

Why you need Zeta Tax Benefits

Ninety per cent of employees in India prefer digitised employee tax benefits. With increasing access to smartphones and the internet, the way corporates manage employee reimbursements is also changing. Zeta Tax Benefits will not only help you save time and costs on managing employee tax benefits, but also make it easy for employees to submit their claims.

Zeta Icon

One-click paperless distribution

Distribute tax-saving employee reimbursements to your employees in seconds using our web dashboard for employers.

Works for every employee

Zeta Tax Benefits can be used in multiple ways – through the Zeta Super Card® or through mobile apps for Android and iOS.


You can also customise spending rules, limits and more to match your company's policies.

Easy to try, easy to use

While Zeta Tax Benefits is designed to be fully self-service, our teams are available to help in any way.

100% RBI & IT compliant

Compliance matters, which is why Zeta Tax Benefits is fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms.

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