Fusion Backoffice

Fusion Backoffice

Fusion comes pre-equipped with a comprehensive secure backoffice for banks and their fintech/distribution partners

Features for banks and fintechs/distribution partners

Power Center — Real-time business analytics

  • Monitor business metrics, build your own graphs, run queries, slice and dice any and all data of users, transactions and events
  • Zeta offers a dedicated BI team available 24/7 to help you build reports and dashboards and gain the insights needed to drive your decisions
  • Replica Data Warehouse — Sync all data into a data warehouse of your choice and manage your own analytics

Support Center — Manage account holder data

  • A readymade, detailed view for all customers, accounts, transactions and payment instruments. Supports a view for the FI and a partitioned view for their partners
  • Can be integrated into a CRM of your choice for easy customer support

Notification Center — Manage event notifications

  • Dynamically configure text, WhatsApp, push messages and emails for hundreds of events

Report Center — Periodic preconfigured report generation

  • Preconfigured report templates to be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or at custom intervals
  • Reports can be automatically emailed, uploaded to an SFTP location or viewed through a browser

Additional features for banks

Control Center — Product configuration and management

  • WYSIWYG interface to build products, define programs, set policies and manage pricing for your partners. Launch new products/programs for your partners in days instead of months
  • Manage and configure networks, BINs and card vendors
  • Manage switch configurations and routing rules

VBO Center — Control partner programs

  • Custom control every aspect of a partner’s program by enabling/disabling APIs/SDKs/events, monitoring health metrics, disabling transactions for a given user or set of users, temporarily pausing debits/credits and more

Risk Center — Monitor and avert risky transactions

  • Configure alerts, monitor and take automated actions including block/alert on potentially risky transactions and payments
  • Monitor patterns for risky transactions and catch them early using our advanced dashboard and rich analytics tools