Zeta Manifesto

Zeta product

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO & Co-Founder
Zeta product

Ramki Gaddipati

CTO & Co-Founder

"The World’s First Omni Stack for Banks"

Zeta's vision is to be the cloud native Omni Stack for banks.

Banking software is still stuck in the stone ages. Bank operations today are a cacophony of 10+ software vendors providing disconnected monolithic software for Core Banking, Debit Processing, Credit Processing, Prepaid Processing, Loan Origination, Loan Management, Fraud Management, Mobile Apps, Net Banking, Customer Lifecycle Management and more. While software is busy eating the world, most banks stagnate on decades old technology built at a time when Mainframes, Cobol, and Batch-processing were in vogue.

As a result of leveraging disparate technology from the 80s, banking is plagued with:

Competition is here and it’s knocking hard at the gates. A 2016 survey of 32,000+ global consumers found that “one in three banking and insurance customers would consider switching their accounts to Google/Amazon”. No surprises that Apple has since launched a credit card and Google has launched DDA programs. There is little debate. One cannot build the Tesla of banking with clunky parts from the 80s. Legacy banks are not tech-first companies and are seen as dinosaurs about to face an extinction level event.

In response to this tectonic shift, we present Zeta; the world’s first and only Omni Stack for Banks. A single software stack comprising modern credit and debit processing, loans, deposits and customizable mobile and web apps for retail banking, Tachyon has been built from the ground up to be infinitely scalable, cloud native and API ready.

Zeta's Omni Stack provides the following key benefits:

We believe it is time for financial institutions to stop using technology that is older than their customers and to deploy an Omni Stack to power banking experiences that belong in 2024.

It is time for Zeta.