Embeddable Banking for your partners

Provide APIs and SDKs to fintechs, neobanks, distributors and enable them to embed your prepaid, credit, debit and loan products

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Benefits for banks

Participate in the fintech revolution
Leverage new-age fintechs and bigtechs as distributors to gain additional customers through their digital channels
Incremental revenue
Improve your revenue with SaaS fees, interchange income and opportunities to cross-sell/up-sell higher-value products such as loans, credit cards and more, to customers sourced from the partners
Readymade APIs and SDKs
Comprehensive provisioning, payments and account management APIs and SDKs enable seamless embedding of financial products into apps, interfaces and experiences of third-party vendors without compromising privacy and security
Sandboxed and secure
Define a separate sandbox per partner, specify the products, configurations, limits, rules and criteria and leave the enforcement to us
Multi-product support
Fusion enables your partners to distribute and embed all financial products including credit, debit, prepaid and loans
Built-in compliance
Bundled in with regulatory compliance, so that you don’t have to worry
about it
PCI DSS, SOC 27001, AICPA SOC3, ACS 2.0 certified
Infinite scalability
Manage peak loads originating from partners with our cloud-native, loosely coupled, microservices architecture based platform
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Digital and cloud-native, Fusion comes with zero upfront/IT cost — so that you pay only when your partner pays
Create stickiness for your partners
The end-to-end experience for your partners will ensure that they remain with you as their business grows
Reduce fraud
Mitigate fraud with card controls, Location Shield, actionable alerts and multi-factor authentication coupled with audit trails
How Fusion works
Fusion exposes secure, sandboxed, permissioned APIs on top of Tachyon enabling your partners to provision and manage any of your financial products within the sandbox criteria defined by you