Fusion Platform

Features & benefits

100+ APIs
Accelerate development with 100+ APIs supporting provisioning, payments, transaction lifecycle, account management and data access
10+ Open source cookbooks
Readymade cookbooks to cater to use cases ranging from lending to shared spends to teens — open-sourced on GitHub to allow you to rapidly get started for your use case
Real-time authentication/ authorisation interceptors
Intercept and process authentication/authorisation for a transaction in real time using Fusion Interceptors
Rich Passbook
  • Fusion translates Merchant IDs (MIDs) into merchant names that your customers will recognise leading to higher engagement
  • Real-time in-app digital statements
100+ Events
Modern cloud-native backend with support for rich event hooks to notify you of every state change in account, payment instrument and transaction lifecycle
Customised product bundles
Create innovative product offerings for your target audience using multiple accounts and cards. Examples include bundles for shared family spends, goal based savings and more
Spend controls
Use fine-grained spend controls including merchant restrictions, transaction limits, volume constraints, velocity constraints by channel (ATMs, POS, contactless), location (domestic, international), time and more
Whitelabelled apps
Whitelabelled apps, open-sourced on github so that you git clone and launch your use case in the fastest possible time
10+ SDKs
Pre-built SDKs for iOS, Android, web so that you spend less time writing ‘plumbing’ code and more time on your business logic and end user experience
Just-in-time (JIT) Funding
Free-up operating capital with JIT funding for your programs
Multi-factor authentication
  • User and issuers can configure one or more combinations of face ID, fingerprint, device ID, device PIN, app PIN to serve as authentication vectors in different payment scenarios
  • Reduce fraud by eliminating static PINs. Consumers can use our proprietary SuperPIN that refreshes every 60 seconds, as the authentication password for offline transactions, ATM withdrawals and online transactions