Zeta Tachyon Suite admin panel for your
internal teams

Configure products, support customers, launch promos, build dashboards and manage all your banking operations, compliance and customer service needs

Backoffice features and benefits

Zeta Tachyon Suite comes pre-equipped with a comprehensive secure backoffice comprising

Control Center — Product configuration and management

  • A WYSIWYG interface to set policies and program definition of credit card, debit cards, wallet, loan and prepaid programs
  • Manage and configure networks, BINs and card vendors
  • Manage and configure policies, rules and configuration for our Switch, ACS and FRM

Marketing Center — Promotions and customer engagement

  • Send promos and marketing content over text, WhatsApp, email, push notifications, in-app banners and call-outs to your customers
  • Powerful targeting by saved audience segments, demographics, behavior, transaction patterns and more

Power Center — Real-time business analytics

  • Build your own graphs, run queries, slice and dice user data, transactions and events
  • Zeta offers a dedicated BI team available 24/7 to help you build reports and dashboards and gain the insights needed to drive your decisions

Customer Service Center — Respond to customer queries

  • Single window detailed view of customers, accounts and transactions
  • Integrate into a CRM of your choice for easy customer support

Notification Center — Manage event notifications

  • Dynamically configure text, WhatsApp, push messages and emails for hundreds of events

Report Center — Periodic preconfigured report generation

  • Preconfigure report templates to be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or at custom intervals
  • Reports can be automatically emailed, uploaded to an SFTP location or viewed through a browser

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