White labeled mobile banking app for Zeta Tachyon Credit, Debit
and Prepaid

Improve engagement, increase loan upsell and deliver higher NPS with an intuitive, feature-rich mobile app for your retail customers

Mobile app features and benefits

Supported products

Zeta Tachyon Mobile works as a mobile banking app for credit card, debit card, prepaid and retail loan customers and operates seamlessly with all products in the Zeta Tachyon Suite

Zeta product
Zeta product

Personal finance management

  • Recognizable merchant names

    Zeta Tachyon Mobile translates merchant IDs (MIDs) into friendly merchant names that your customers can easily recognise. Delight your customers while reducing fraud costs by eliminating unrecognised transaction related disputes

  • Spend categories

    View transactions categorised into food, transport and other automated or manual classifications

Transaction management

  • Split bills

  • Add notes and media

  • Upload/add receipts

  • Block merchants

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Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product

Pay Later options

  • Convert high value transactions into Pay Later fixed monthly instalments at POS or post purchase

  • Convert outstanding credit card balances into monthly instalments

Flexible savings instruments

Create goal based, fixed, recurring and flexible term deposits

Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product

Card controls

  • Instant block and unblock

  • Set hard and soft transaction limits

  • Enable/disable ATM, tap and pay, international, online transactions

  • Location Shield - Prevent usage of card outside of the location of the user, preventing online and offline fraud from other cities/countries

Family Hub

  • Create virtual cards, physical cards and mobile wallets for family members

  • Create a pocket money card for your child and set transaction limits, whitelist/blacklist merchants and categories, set time-based restrictions and more

  • View family spend statements

  • Get real-time notifications on spends

Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product

Multi-factor authentication

  • Users and issuers can configure one or more combinations of face ID, fingerprint, device ID, device PIN, app PIN to serve as authentication vectors in different scenarios
  • Minimise fraud by eliminating static PINs. Customers use our proprietary SuperPIN that refreshes every 60 seconds, as the authentication password for offline transactions, ATM withdrawals and online transactions

Integrated digital rewards

  • Real-time reward earn and burn engine

  • Support for plugging in redemption catalogues or convert to cash

Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product

Fully customizable digital onboarding workflow

  • Configure input fields

  • Real-time or batch processing

  • Keep your customers informed along the way

Credit card payments

  • Pay minimum balance due or full/partial outstanding, convert outstanding amounts into instalments

  • Transparently shows balance and Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Zeta product
Zeta product
Zeta product

Multi-bank wallet

Allow customers to link debit cards from other banks and transfer money seamlessly between third-party bank accounts and Tachyon accounts. Encourage customers to use your mobile app even for accounts of other banks


  • Access popular e-commerce stores from within
    Zeta Tachyon Mobile
  • One-click payments and Pay Later loans on checkout
Zeta product

Zeta Tachyon Mobile philosophy

Zeta Tachyon Mobile was built to deliver on the following principles

Mobile complete

Every action by a customer must be possible from a smartphone. No need for branch banking, desktops or phone calls

Modern UX

Responsive modern User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) that are engaging and intuitive

Privacy control

Users must have complete control of data privacy. Apps, services, entities and people must be explicitly authorized to access any data for any duration of time

Data availability

All user data must be available securely, in real time and offline on their mobile devices

Policy control

User-defined transaction policies that are implemented dynamically during authentication and authorization

Edge security

User-defined security policies that are applied for every operation and transaction

Multi-factor authentication

Support for multiple combinations of authentication vectors based on who you are, what you have and what you know such as biometric, dynamic PINs, secure tokens, device binding, gestures, passwords and more

Customisation and deployment

White labeled

Branding, skin, Information Architecture (IA), look and feel can be fully customised to your needs. Customisation can be handled as a bespoke project by us


Select some or all of the above features to create your own personalised experience


Our consulting division can take up customisation projects from one time build and transfer to hiring a long term dedicated mobile app development team for you

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