Accelerating the world towards invisible payments

Omni Stack core and processing for FIs, and embeddable banking tech for fintechs and distributors

At Zeta, we are rethinking payments from core to the edge. The algorithms to form factors. The applications to solutions. Led by the vision to make payments invisible and seamless, Zeta has built an Omni Stack for financial institutions for credit, DDA, prepaid, loans, savings, processing, authentication and FRM.

Leadership team

Zeta Profile

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO & Co-founder

Zeta Profile

Ramki Gaddipati

CTO & Co-founder

Zeta Profile

Gary Singh

President, Banking

Sales team

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Jeff Van Wie

SVP - Sales

Zeta Profile

Sachin Ramchandani

SVP - Banking

Zeta Profile

Ankit Doshi

Senior Director - Banking

Launch Next-Gen Retail Banking with Zeta’s Omni Stack

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