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Future-proofing Compliance for banks
In this webinar, presented to members of CBA in May 24, Karla Booe speaks about next gen compliance & how technology enables regulatory excellence in banking
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Regulatory Compliance
for Cards
Watch this webinar, originally presented to members of the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) in September 2023 for an overview of card industry regulations and their impact on issuers.
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Revolutionizing Banking Security
Watch this pivotal webinar for an interesting perspective on Zero Trust Architecture and how it addresses the unique cybersecurity challenges in banks.
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Zeta at CBA Live 2024
Join us for the Zeta experience at CBA Live 2024! Engage with our CEO at the keynote address, then delve deeper into AI-powered banking. Explore the future of complaint resolution with our Chief Compliance Officer [...]
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Crossing the Banking Tech Chasm
Zeta brought together senior banking executives and change-makers from the top 25 US financial institutions to discuss how they can prepare for the next decade of transformation.
Zeta at Money 20/20 USA
Join Zeta in the world’s biggest, most influential gathering of the global banking & payments ecosystem.