Embeddable Credit
Cards for Fintechs

Processing, Loans, Sponsor Bank, APIs and SDKs

Value Proposition

Launch Next-Gen Credit Cards with Fusion Credit

BIN and Balance Sheet Sponsorship
Comprehensive and Flexible APIs for Program definition, Account / Card Provisioning and Management
Realtime events and Interceptors for transaction interception
Integrated Processing Platform with Cards, Credit, Loans, FRM and Rewards
An illustration of a blue color digital dashboard screen that displays Zeta fintech credit card API coverage & compliance.

100% API Coverage

Our APIs have you covered every step of the way in your credit card lifecycle

  • Program Config
  • Account Provisioning
  • Realtime Transaction Interception
  • Realtime Events - Accounts and Transactions
  • Rewards
  • Reporting
  • Fraud Monitoring

Zeta's Omni Stack for Credit

Zeta’s Omni Stack for Credit - supports you throughout the entire Credit Card lifecycle


  • Third Party KYC Integrations
  • Third Party Data Integrations
  • Account Provisioning

Transaction Processing

  • Core Account
  • Transaction Processing
  • Settlements
  • Rewards
  • Reporting
  • Fraud Engine

Fusion Management Console features and benefits

Leverage a comprehensive Management Console with the following

  • Developer Guides and Cookbooks
  • SDKs for Mobile and Web
  • Payment Simulator for testing sandbox transactions
  • API Playground for exploring Fusion APIs interactively
  • API Logs with real time request and response data for debugging
  • Notification Center for configuring event notifications
  • Customer Support Center for responding to customer queries
  • Report Center for preconfigured report generation
An illustration of a digital screen that displays Zeta fusion credit platform features & benefits.

Zeta Managed Services

Zeta's Managed Services arm can help you launch and manage your program on a turnkey basis. We can help with any or all of the following:

Product strategy
Mobile App Development
Managed Compliance
Customer Support
Fraud and Risk Monitoring

Launch Next-Gen Credit Cards with Zeta’s Tachyon for Credit