Life in The Fast Lane:
5 Ways Banks Win With Speed & Innovation

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Key Drivers for Faster Innovation in Banking

While various banking innovation methods exist, we believe every financial institution requires the below key ingredients to move faster in the market and win digital-first customers.

Nextgen Banking Technology

Next-generation technology is essential for delivering seamless experiences in the age of big data. Some of the key features to look for in next-gen technology include:

  • Microservice Architectures

    Microservice Architectures

    Microservices are popular because they break down monoliths into loosely coupled services, providing benefits like resiliency, scalability, and easier upgrades.

  • Flexible Modern Architecture

    Flexible Modern Architecture

    Legacy systems are rigid, while modern systems are flexible.

  • Open banking APIs

    Open Banking APIs

    APIs are everywhere in tech, letting developers quickly combine features and experiences across platforms.

  • Cloud native technology

    Cloud Native Technology

    Cloud native systems are built to leverage the cloud's scalability, elasticity, security, resiliency, and flexibility.

  • Digital first banking experiences

    Digital First Banking Experiences

    Next-gen systems offer customers a wide range of digital features, from rich controls to AI-driven self-service, and allow banks to build their own innovations.

Foster a Culture of Innovation

Fostering a culture of innovation is about creating an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks, experimenting, and trying new things. Some of the things that banks can do are:

  • Employee rewards

    Employee Rewards

    Incentives should not only reward success, but also encourage experimentation and risk-taking.

  • Risk and control

    Risk and Control

    Risk can often be anticipated and controlled, and preparing for this should be part of the planning process.

  • Product experiment

    Product Experiment

    Financial institutions should empower employees at all levels to champion new products and services.

  • Compliance ready process

    Compliance-ready Process

    Legal and compliance should be involved in product development from the brainstorming stage, especially in highly regulated industries.

About Zeta

Zeta is a next-gen card processor. Zeta’s platform empowers issuers to launch next-gen credit card programs with its cloud-native and fully API-enabled stack that includes processing, issuing, lending, core banking, fraud, loyalty, and many other capabilities. Zeta has 1700+ employees and contractors with over 70% in technology roles across locations in the US, UK, Middle East, and Asia. Globally, 35+ customers have issued 15M+ cards on Zeta’s platform. Zeta has raised $280 million from Softbank Vision Fund 2, Mastercard, and other investors at a $1.5 billion valuation.

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