A technology architecture diagram of the Zeta core banking & payment processing platform. Each block in the diagram has labels such as credit processing, card management & Fraud Detection.

Features and benefits

Built using modern tech ground up

Containers, async messaging, big data store, stream processing, observability and tracing tech, CI/CD and more

Cloud-native with lower TCO

No hardware to buy. No software to deploy. No CapEx. No datacenter. No IT team. No System Operations Center, no Network Operations Center, no maintenance costs. No upgrade costs. Pay-as-you-go for the number of users you have. Substantially lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Simplistic pricing model

Only pay for monthly active users. No fee for inactive users. Single line bill of materials

Embeddable banking

Our platform comes with comprehensive provisioning, payments and account management APIs and SDKs enabling seamless embedding of financial products into apps, interfaces and experiences of third-party vendors without compromising privacy and security. Enables Financial Institutions (FIs) to partner with fintechs, big techs and digital-first distributors

Open banking ready

Our platform provides controlled and secure API access to third-party app developers to extend features and capabilities

Infinite on-demand scaling

Elastically handles peaks and troughs in transaction volume with zero failure rates by leveraging cloud, stateless application layers, sharded data layers and dynamic scaling

What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) configuration

Enables creating, configuring, modifying, deploying and managing of financial products through Zeta Backoffice — a point-and-click interface

Integrates with existing systems

Deduplication of customer records. Batch/real-time posting to your treasury and general ledger systems. Integrates with our FRM or third-party fraud and risk management systems

Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay ready

Provision debit cards instantly into giant pay wallets through network tokenization

Fortnightly upgrades and new feature launches

Our platform uses continuous build and integration processes, automated deployment, hyper-personalization, staggered release, cloud deployment, zero hardware to launch features rapidly and regularly. A microservices architecture also makes it possible to upgrade individual parts of the system without affecting other parts, making rapid feature releases possible

Launch new products in weeks

Our platform is vertically integrated — comprising core, processing, mobile apps, fraud management, CMS, digital channels & marketing in one platform. New products can be configured using our point-and-click back office and piloted/launched in weeks versus legacy stacks which require complex integration of softwares from 6 different vendors

One step ahead of compliance

Our platform comprises 200+ different microservices. This architecture allows making changes to the system faster because changes need to be made to an independent microservice as opposed to an entire platform. This enables us to respond to new compliance requirements rapidly and deliver on them faster than any other competitor

App ecosystem

Supports third-party app development for customers and companies enabling extension of functionality for use cases like automated accounting, tax filing, budgeting, expense management in a secure way with granular permission control


Dynamically-downloaded and real time-stitched frontend UX that truly offers hyper-personalized experiences to each user based on their demographics and past behaviors versus one-size-fits-all

Zero trust security

Enables reliable, secure access to users, staff, customers and applications for all services from a variety of devices, locations with strong authentication and digital identity. Also, provides cryptographic protection to all data in all phases of its lifecycle

Privacy awareness

Designed to deliver to the modern privacy norms and laws, protecting not only sensitive data but also personal, identifiable and private data

Digital marketing ready

Integrated marketing toolset to drive awareness, acquisition, activation, revenue, retention and referrals for all products, across all mechanisms of delivery

Launch Next-Gen Retail Banking with
Zeta’s Omni Stack