Tachyon Debit and DDA in Action

Check out a 9 minute video presented by our CEO demonstrating Tachyon Debit and DDA

Salient Benefits

Increase income
Deliver improved customer retention, higher engagement and higher cross-sell for substantial gains in revenue
Speed and agility
Launch new products in weeks and new programs in days
Lower TCO
Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating multi-vendor integrations and leveraging our pay-as-you-go, cloud-native platform
2X sell through on loans
Real-time contextual conversion of transactions into pay later loans before, during and after purchase
Infinite scalability
Elastically handle peaks and troughs in transaction volume with our cloud-native, loosely-coupled, microservices architecture
Modular greenfield deployment
Start with a new digital native debit card program without touching your legacy systems
Higher engagement
Increase customer usage, engagement, satisfaction and referrals through Rich Statements, Family Hub and Marketplace
Reduce fraud
Lower fraud rates on transactions with SuperPIN, dynamic CVV, card controls, location shield, actionable alerts and multi-factor authentication
100% API coverage
Comprehensive config, provisioning, payments and account management APIs and SDKs - built for you, your partners and your customers


Faster time-to-market and future ready with our cloud-native Omni Stack

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Zeta Tachyon Backoffice features and benefits

Get the advantage of a comprehensive control panel for all your departments including product, support, marketing, compliance, risk, and business intelligence

  • Rewards Center for rewards management
  • Report Center for preconfigured report generation
  • Customer Service Center for responding to customer queries
  • Power Center for real-time business analytics
  • Control Center for product configuration and management
  • Notification Center for configuring event notifications

Zeta Managed Services

Zeta's Managed Services arm can help you launch and manage your program on a turnkey basis. We can help with any or all of the following:

Product strategy

Mobile App Development


Managed Compliance

Customer Support


Fraud and Risk Monitoring



Launch Next-Gen Retail Banking with Zeta’s Omni Stack